Rainy Day In Paso

Life is hectic for everyone, so carving time out to do what we enjoy needs to be a priority. My husband and I, along with our two very sweet Boxers, enjoy a bit of local traveling which includes going to Paso Robles.

We have been going to Paso for nearly 35 years! The first 25 years we went waterskiing and wakeboarding at Lake San Antonio then good friends of ours introduced us to Paso’s wineries and vineyards. The beauty of the area has been the subject of many of my paintings including this painting I just finished today. Summerwood Inn & Winery has been a favorite of ours and we have stayed at the Inn on several occasions. On one particular rainy stay at the Inn, I fell in love with the rainy day view looking out onto the patio toward the vineyard and knew I had to create a painting of the scene.

This is 10″ x 26″ oil on canvas and so far, untitled. Here are a few photos of the process:

The Early Years

Photo of me, my aunt, mom and brother


A bit about me and what drives the direction of my art.

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley was not my favorite place, because it was hot, smoggy and crowded. Setting those issues aside, those early years were a time when you could ride your bike every day, anywhere and could be be gone all day until dinner, not a cell phone in sight. Besides drawing, all I could think about were horses. I would leave my parents notes everywhere and was relentless! Both my parents had to work and there wasn’t any extra cash laying around so thinking about this now, I really put the pressure on my parents. Boy, did I pray! I badgered God as much as I badgered my parents, and you know what? Miracles do happen!

One evening when my dad came home from work, he said those words that I longed to hear…

There is a young woman at work who has a 5 year old bay Quarter horse mare that she can no longer keep and is willing to sell us the horse, saddle and all the tack for a reasonable price. Do you want to go see her?

No words could adequately describe the joy and excitement I felt. My dad and I went to see that woman and her beautiful horse, Brandy Bee Good, and she became mine that day!

— To be continued in my next post.