Trying Something New

9” x 12” on watercolor panel

I have painted with watercolor for many years, tried different papers, as well as illustration board and finally decided to stick with 300lb watercolor paper, but even with that, there will be “buckling” on the paper with heavy washes. I recently had the opportunity to try Raymar’s watercolor panel and I am hooked.

Along with one of my orders of canvas panels from Raymar, a 9” x 12” watercolor panel (rough texture) was included as a gift for me to try. I think back and wonder why I hadn’t tried it until now but definitely glad I did. The company has 3 different watercolor panels with different types of Fabriano watercolor paper that are specially mounted to a piece of thin aluminum. The surface is rock solid for any amount of water put on it and never buckles. Color on the edges don’t “bleed” or peel up. I have worked on all sizes up to 18” x 24” with other papers and always have to work through buckling, so even though these panels are a bit pricey, it’s something I can depend on and a wonderful surface for my art.

Happy painting and wishing you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving coming up.