#13 Amy’s Wildflowers

Every year my three kids have been so sweet to me for Mother’s Day and this year I was able to get a quick oil sketch of some of the flowers I received. I have two larger paintings that I am just beginning and will take a lot more time so these small daily paintings are great for a warm up.

Still Life: “Heading To The Lake”

12″ x 12″ oil on canvas

The weather is warming up in SoCal and whether you’re a student, homemaker or working the daily grind, it seems like we are all anxious to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Even though we had quite a bit of rain this year (for us) the past years of drought have hit this area hard and I’m hoping the lakes have filled enough to get out there and enjoy the water. Here is a personal still life of one of the sports we love to do….. waterskiing, wakeboarding and boating.

#1 Apple – Daily Painting 🎨

I have always wanted to pick up my speed and accomplish more with the time I have when painting but being a perfectionist with my art, I spend many hours on paintings. Thanks to another blogger, Amber with Burnt Umber Arts and her thoughts on the book “Daily Painting”, I plan to finish one or more paintings daily with a time limit of 1 hour for each. Today is day 1 — I started and finished this in 40 minutes and am feeling as though I am back to being a beginner at painting, but of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Plan B

Painting on a watercolor block is perfect for painting with watercolors because the “buckling” is very slight. When removing each sheet you use a palette knife but I was in a rush and used a Exacto knife with a #11 blade and marred the surface edges of the next sheet. Even though I thought the damage was slight, it was bad enough to scrap the idea of using watercolors. 

I have now moved to “Plan B”. I used a black Sharpie to go over the lines that I had already drawn then gesso’d over the entire surface. This is going to be my experimental project using oil paints and it will be interesting to see if the final outcome will be worth ever doing again.