“In the Vineyard”

12″ x 16″ watercolor

Lately, I have spent so much time painting in oils and acrylics that it was time to get back to my favorite medium, watercolor. I would enjoy hearing from other artists, especially those who paint with watercolor.

Merry Christmas!

“Along the path at Scuplterra”

9″ x 12″ Aquarelle Arches watercolor block

This is #17 of my daily painting and even though I didn’t get this one done in an hour or even a day, it needed to be completed. Friends of ours had brought us to Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robles and not only was the wine really good (“nummy” as one of our dear friends phrases it), the grounds that had meandering paths were filled with sculptures. 

Awhile ago I had begun a vineyard series and by the time I started on this, I was burned out on painting clusters of grapes so I put it away for quite a few months but pulled it from my “to do” stack a few days ago and completed it today. As I normally work, I began with a sketch to figure out my design then did a textured effect for the background with burnt sienna and finally went in with the detail work. Planning each project ahead of time with sketches and maintaining control of the paint and detail has typified my work but I have a goal to loosen up my style like so many amazing plein air, as well as studio, watercolorists that paint with broader strokes and washes.

So Proud of This Young Man!

Artwork: Mixed media on brass

Talent, drive and hard work are evident with the art my youngest son is producing as he nears the end of his first year in art school. It was a privilege to be invited to Laguna College of Art + Design last night for his first art show. Prizes were handed out at this reception in each field of study and my son received first place in Illustration! He is the third generation of artists to come from our family: the first was my dad (a conceptual artist), I came next as an illustrator/graphic artist and now we are watching Mitch grow into an accomplished artist himself.

Wanting to incorporate airbrushing in my art

In my college years, I studied airbrushing and was really impressed with what can be accomplished with using this tool in my art. I’ve seen the art done on surfboards and skateboards even on firearms but it is a tedious process and as an illustrator, I was more interested in being precise and wanted to use my small paintbrushes to add minute detail. 

As with the Corvette I painted, certain subjects lend themselves better to using an airbrush.

This scene I had taken from the movie Fantasia was also perfect for using an airbrush. It has been far too long since I have used my airbrush, so it is time to pull it out to create some new art.🎨