“A Little Meyer”

12″ x 16″ watercolor

In our yard, we have a dwarf Meyer Lemon tree which produces the sweetest, best tasting lemons! This little tree was the perfect subject and of course, it was so nice not to have to travel anywhere to create artwork. Today I finished this small watercolor painting and am pleased with how it turned out. Generally when painting, I know when to be “done” but with this particular project, I was getting way too close to overworking it and had to force myself to put my paintbrush down.

Here is a recap of the process:

1. The concept drawing

2. Drawing and beginning stage of laying down color

On the edges of the lemon and part of the stem, I painted an art masking fluid

The above photo shows the project almost completed and below, the finished painting.

Like the majority of my work, this painting shows my strong illustrator background but I enjoyed allowing myself to get looser in some of the areas behind the lemon. It is my hope that you find helpful hints in the creation of this painting.🎨

The Planning Out of a Painting 

I have been meaning to get back to my blog for some weeks now but a nasty virus/ear infection was tough to get over so it took me longer to finish this painting than I had originally anticipated. I so admire the work I see from artists that are able to paint every day and so many others who, with the time they do have, get so much accomplished! My husband and I became empty nesters last summer and I thought that I would have had all the time in the world to paint but life is keeping me quite busy so that I still have to carve out specific days during the week just for my studio time.

As a studio artist, I start from an idea and work toward a specific end which includes composition, value, color and a final size. In this latest painting I wanted to emphasize the diagonals, draw the eye in a certain direction and have a piece that is vibrant with color.  With the size figured out, I built an 18″ x 24″ canvas using 2″ stretcher bars.

I began with a small grid to work through the major elements and diagonals, then drew it on the canvas. Since this is a more complicated piece, I painted in the areas where light came through the leaves before laying in the rest of the color and detail.