Focusing On Painting

12″ x 16″ oil on paper

In the beginning of summer, there was a question that I needed to ask myself, “How much time with social media is too much time?”. As I do my best to get my work “out there”, I realized that for me, it was taking over the already limited time I had to paint so I decided to just focus on my painting. I started by making a plan to finish a stack of paintings that I had set aside quite awhile ago before starting anything new AND before posting. I plan to stick with this plan in order to produce more work and post less.

Here are the paintings that I have completed:

“Poppies In The Vineyard” (22″ x 30″ rework/acrylics on watercolor paper)

“A Vineyard Row” (22″ x 30″ rework/acrylics on watercolor paper)

“Blueberries” (12″ x 16″ oil on primed watercolor paper)

Now that the stack has been completed, I feel much better about focusing on new projects. Until next time, take care and enjoy the last bits of summertime fun and warm weather!

Plan B

Painting on a watercolor block is perfect for painting with watercolors because the “buckling” is very slight. When removing each sheet you use a palette knife but I was in a rush and used a Exacto knife with a #11 blade and marred the surface edges of the next sheet. Even though I thought the damage was slight, it was bad enough to scrap the idea of using watercolors. 

I have now moved to “Plan B”. I used a black Sharpie to go over the lines that I had already drawn then gesso’d over the entire surface. This is going to be my experimental project using oil paints and it will be interesting to see if the final outcome will be worth ever doing again.