Point Dume, Malibu

Beach Scene (5)    5″ x 7″ oil 

It was a beautiful day to paint at the beach today. I was hoping to paint the point but as oftentimes happens in this area, film crews were here and blocked off that area so I found contentment painting the ocean instead.

Beginning stages of beach Scene (4) 

8″ x 10″ oil on canvas board

I decided to work a bit larger in order to give the focal point of this beach scene more room for detail. I have also included a photo of Gunther the French Bulldog drinking and playing in Cooper and Luna’s water bowl. My paintings are definitely taking longer with all the distractions but he is pretty darn cute!

Beach Scene (3)

5″ x 7″ oil on canvas board

My two Boxers along with an 11 week old French Bulldog make for painting in an environment that has constant distractions, but at least these small paintings are only meant for practicing speed and not too much detail!

Here are a few pics of these sweet distractions….

Beach Scene (1)

5″ x 7″ oil

Today begins my adventure with painting beach scenes. I have always tended toward realism with painting but it is time to challenge myself as an artist to work quickly, not worrying about every detail but to achieve what I hope will be an impression of the scene that really draws the viewer into my work. Living relatively close to the beach all my life, I find it interesting that I have never spent any real time painting the ocean, beach or harbor but now is the time to stretch and be challenged in this area and I hope to get a lot better at it!