January Lineup of Projects

Quick painting of the front counter at “Rabalais Bistro”, Santa Paula, CA

In my zeal for setting a goal to complete more paintings this year, I began two large watercolor paintings and an oil painting. The 10″ x 26″ oil of a rainy day in Paso Robles, CA is just in the beginning stages and before I continue going any further with this, I plan to work on several smaller color studies, using different palettes to bring a little more ‘life’ into the final painting.

For the following painting, I began with a sketch, next, a black and white contrast study for this pumpkin patch scene, then began the watercolorBefore getting too far with the watercolor process, I decided to scrap this project because it would look much better done in oils.

Finally, in this last piece I have the drawing done and just a tiny bit of watercolor placed but will hold off until I get a value study done to get the greatest impact on the final painting.

So what began as an energetic beginning to 2019 has slowed down to a snails pace and with it, doubts and frustration. I welcome any thoughts or feedback.

Well, it’s back to the drawing board for me!

Have a great week🎨

5 thoughts on “January Lineup of Projects

  1. I understand all about doubts and frustration! I don’t have much to offer other than don’t allow it to pull you down. Personally for myself the more I try to paint tight or get it just so, my frustration level shoots up. I am discovering over and over that it simply isn’t me. I hope that you get over this hurdle and find that spark. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks Margaret, I appreciate that! I have always put too much pressure on myself to work realistically so I will take your lead to loosen up and see where it takes me🎨. Have a great day and enjoy the beautiful scenery that inspires your paintings.


      1. Oh good, I am glad that I helped. The artistic journey for each of us is different but I do know that we all have a similar desire in art and that is to be creatively joyful! 😉 Have you ever watched any of Sarah Yeoman’s YouTube videos? She is an inspiration to me for loosening up. I suggest Jeanne Carbonetti for exploring the depth of the creative life. Anyway, be encouraged. ❤️

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