Beach Scene (1)

5″ x 7″ oil

Today begins my adventure with painting beach scenes. I have always tended toward realism with painting but it is time to challenge myself as an artist to work quickly, not worrying about every detail but to achieve what I hope will be an impression of the scene that really draws the viewer into my work. Living relatively close to the beach all my life, I find it interesting that I have never spent any real time painting the ocean, beach or harbor but now is the time to stretch and be challenged in this area and I hope to get a lot better at it!

7 thoughts on “Beach Scene (1)

      1. I do both. I have several paintings going at once. They are 7 x 9’s and I will do the first layer set one aside and start another. I might have up to three going. As one dries I go back to work on it. This only works well in warm weather. The wet on wet is usually on a 11 x 14 but not always. It all depends on my mood of I want it right or loose. My tight might look loose to others though.

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