“Along the path at Scuplterra”

9″ x 12″ Aquarelle Arches watercolor block

This is #17 of my daily painting and even though I didn’t get this one done in an hour or even a day, it needed to be completed. Friends of ours had brought us to Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robles and not only was the wine really good (“nummy” as one of our dear friends phrases it), the grounds that had meandering paths were filled with sculptures. 

Awhile ago I had begun a vineyard series and by the time I started on this, I was burned out on painting clusters of grapes so I put it away for quite a few months but pulled it from my “to do” stack a few days ago and completed it today. As I normally work, I began with a sketch to figure out my design then did a textured effect for the background with burnt sienna and finally went in with the detail work. Planning each project ahead of time with sketches and maintaining control of the paint and detail has typified my work but I have a goal to loosen up my style like so many amazing plein air, as well as studio, watercolorists that paint with broader strokes and washes.

4 thoughts on ““Along the path at Scuplterra”

  1. You paint with amazing detail, it would drive me batty to go tight, you must be patient and even keeled. When I do go tighter than normal, it can be quite fun but then I am ready to get wild and loose. I also love it when you show your stages. I need to work on doing that more, again, that impatience gets in the way!

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    1. Thank you! As I wrote this, I was thinking about you and how much I would be able to learn from you. I so want to give myself permission to paint like you! I signed up for an online class starting in September by Roos Schuring and I hope to break out of my control mode. She works in oil but I will definitely learn to loosen up no matter what medium I use. Google her and check her work out.

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      1. I think that I have a problem going tight now but it was hard at first to let go of that need to control. Having a playful “it’s only paper” attitude helps. I think that watercolor brings out which is inherent in all of us, there is a bit of fear of letting loose and not being able to absolutely control the medium. But it is only a feeling because I think that it is an illusion. Once you get more comfortable with letting loose, you’ll understand that. Have you ever watched any of Sarah Yeoman’s video’s? there are several on youtube and she paints in a saturated wet on wet. It is one of my favorite techniques and it teaches you to calm down (because you have about a 2 hr. window) and to work with the watercolor and paper as it goes through stages to completely bone dry. It brings out your creativity and also you have to get loose. Try it and you’ll see. I started a painting just yesterday using this technique though I do need to put in the last details now that it is dry. I’ll look up Roos Schuring most definitely. 🙂

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      2. I have never heard of Sarah Yeoman but will check out those YouTube videos today. In one of your posts you showed a few “in progress” photos and I like the fact that in the midst of working wet and quickly, you still have a plan for each stage of the painting. I am always up for challenging myself and this technique. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing more of your work😎🎨

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