The Planning Out of a Painting 

I have been meaning to get back to my blog for some weeks now but a nasty virus/ear infection was tough to get over so it took me longer to finish this painting than I had originally anticipated. I so admire the work I see from artists that are able to paint every day and so many others who, with the time they do have, get so much accomplished! My husband and I became empty nesters last summer and I thought that I would have had all the time in the world to paint but life is keeping me quite busy so that I still have to carve out specific days during the week just for my studio time.

As a studio artist, I start from an idea and work toward a specific end which includes composition, value, color and a final size. In this latest painting I wanted to emphasize the diagonals, draw the eye in a certain direction and have a piece that is vibrant with color.  With the size figured out, I built an 18″ x 24″ canvas using 2″ stretcher bars.

I began with a small grid to work through the major elements and diagonals, then drew it on the canvas. Since this is a more complicated piece, I painted in the areas where light came through the leaves before laying in the rest of the color and detail.



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