A day derailed

It never ceases to amaze me regarding the range of emotions a human being can experience within a period of mere seconds.

Sunday arrived and I had planned to paint for the afternoon after getting home from church. The day was cold and drizzly and as I was driving home, the drizzle had turned to rain which was just fine with me because we need the rain and I wouldn’t have any distractions to work on my current project.

As I began to put the key in the door, I felt happy, content and at peace. Once I walked in, I was greeted by our two Boxers, Cooper and Luna, and looking at them sent me into a state of confusion, then shock and finally, panic! I was horrified to realize that the object in Luna’s mouth was a gnarled, once full, tube of oil paint – burnt sienna, to be exact. Normally, my dogs are fawn color with white markings on the face, chest and paws but at that moment, I couldn’t see any white. I followed the path of destruction throughout the house which finally led me to the dining room/living room area that now had very, VERY large areas of smeared burnt sienna OIL PAINT! IMG_1882

Needless to say, my day had been derailed. Four hours later with plenty of elbow grease and a gallon of Mona Lisa odorless paint thinner and the carpets are looking pretty darn good!

11 thoughts on “A day derailed

      1. I’m glad you were able to get most of it out. And good thing it wasn’t a toxic color. I’d be super worried about the dogs being poisoned. Never mind the carpet!

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