Our Beloved Valley

IMG_0090“Blueberry fields in the morning” 18″ x 24″ oil on canvas

Santa Rosa Valley, CA is a 6.861 square mile stretch of hills, farmland, some horse ranches, homes and paths for hiking. The farms mainly produce avocados, blueberries and lemons but many home owners have oranges, grapefruit, apples and more.

IMG_1874For me, this area offers so much inspiration for painting and drawing. On one such venture, I headed over to Gerry Ranch which has acres and acres of blueberries and is also a beautiful wedding venue site. The owners were so gracious and have allowed me to wander there property to sketch and take photographs. 

From our yard: Bacon avocados (who knew you could grow bacon on a tree?!), Meyer lemons and mandarin oranges

8 thoughts on “Our Beloved Valley

  1. That’s a beautiful landscape!
    Santa Rosa Valley must be in Southern California, based on the produce. I am from NorCal just an hour North of Santa Rosa. So when I saw your beautiful painting of Santa Rosa Valley I thought it was home to me, until I saw the avocados and lemons. Grapes and apples yes, lemons, not so much. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe Santa Rosa in Northern CA is just at the edge of the growing zone… Bay Area, lots of lemons and avocados.😀👍

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